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Petitioning a program

Though Columbia offers an extensive list of Columbia run and approved study abroad programs, we do understand that sometimes your interests do not align with our approved program list. Therefore, we have a petition process for students interested in programs other than those listed on our website.

A few things you need to know:

  • You can only petition one program at a time

  • You should have a back-up program from the approved list

  • Petitions are due EARLIER than regular study abroad applications.

    • For summer: April 1st

    • For fall: March 1st

    • For spring: October 1st

  • All petitions are reviewed by committee

  • The committees decision is final, so do be thoughtful in writing your petition.

  • If your petition is approved, you are required to meet with your OGP advisor upon return from the program to debrief the experience.

How to find a program not on the approved list:

Columbia works with a wide variety of organizations that provide quality study abroad programming. When beginning your search for programs, you should start with the following organizations:

If you cannot find the appropriate program for you at one of those institutions, you can search more broadly through the Institute of International Education or through

Petition Process: Once you have identified a few programs of interest, meet with your study abroad advisor to discuss your program of choice. The petitions are regional. Under "Program Name" please search for "petition" to find the appropriate regional and semester petition within the OGPF program list.

Once the OGPF receives your completed petition, your advisor will conduct further research regarding a review of your proposed program and study plan, program administration, safety and security, and student support.  The information gathered in both your petition and through the advisor's research will be presented before the committee for review.  Please note that the OGPF takes seriously both the academic integrity of each program as well as the program administration and student support offered by your program of choice.  If a program does not meet the standards of best practices followed by the OGPF, a petition may be denied.