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How do I apply?

The application process is relatively straight forward but does involve multiple steps which must be closely followed. The information below is organized by Columbia administered programs and Columbia approved programs.  Please make sure to read this information carefully to avoid missing any critical steps in the process.

Applying to a Columbia Program:

Chose one of the Columbia administered programs here and click on "start an application" to begin an OGP application and profile. All application materials can be accessed through this site. Each program has different requirements but generally they will all require:

  • one or two recommendation forms

  • a copy of your transcript

  • a short essay

Students then need to go through the clearance process. Clearance must be completed by October 1st for the spring semester, March 15th for the fall semester and April 15th for a summer program. If you are applying to a Columbia-administered program, the clearance deadline is the same date as the application deadline.  The clearance process requires you to clearly map out your progress so far here at Columbia and how the study abroad experience will fit into the overall scheme of your undergraduate program at Columbia.

  • For CC Students: In the above OGP profile, make sure to fill out the clearance questionnaire early. Once that form is cleared out, make an appointment with your regional study abroad advisor to discuss your plans and complete the clearance process. 

  • For GS Students:  Have a clearance form (found in the above application) signed first by the appropriate GS advisor and then by their regional study abroad advisor.

  • For SEAS Students: Download the clearance form (found in the above application) and the course approval form and work with Leora Brovman as well as your CSA advisor to complete the forms. Then bring the documents to your regional study abroad advisor for final clearance

Students must also discuss their plans with your major advisor to ensure that you will be able to complete all the requirements for your major.

Applying to a non-Columbia Program:

Columbia approves hundred of external programs that students may attend. Applying to one of these programs requires one extra step in the application process described above. Besides starting your OGP profile for one of our many approved programs, available here, students must also apply DIRECTLY TO THE PROGRAM PROVIDER. Application deadlines for external programs can be earlier than our internal clearance deadlines. Please make sure to check with your external program provider for important deadlines.